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Things to keep in mind before beginning any remodeling job

These principles, are drawn from interviews with several builders and homeowners and will help avoid some common pitfalls during your project.

Make sure that the work you intend to do, does or does not require a building permit from your local municipality. 

Not all projects require a permit but you need to be sure. If your project does require a permit, it might be a good idea to have your contractor apply for it. This way you insure that the contractor of your choice is properly licensed and qualified to perform the work for your project. Obtaining the proper permit insures that your project will receive the necessary inspections from the local municipality prior to the commencement and completion of your project.

Have complete blueprints or plans before you get going. 

Whether it’s new construction or remodeling, make detailed changes on paper first so your builder has a complete idea of costs, additional materials, etc. Also know your project, such as what the kitchen ceiling will look like, before you start construction.

Plan on extra time and set aside about 10% - 15 % of the entire budget for "what if" cash. Unexpected extra costs do occur but you can be prepared. 

Your project might be on time and on budget but then again it might rain for a month and you might make a lot of changes which all add up.

Pets, children, and construction don't mix. 

Don't depend on workers, no matter how nice, to be responsible for your animals. Likewise, if you are visiting the site, be extremely cautious, as there are numerous hazards - especially for children.

Understand the sequence of work and where you fit into the picture. 

Understand what's expected of you (such as picking out plumbing fixtures, wall colors, flooring, etc.) and do it on time. A lot of building products have to be ordered, so go shopping as soon as you know what you have to choose.

Prepare for the unexpected. 

If you're remodeling, you might come across old termite damage. If you're building a new home, you might have to do a lot of site work to get the drainage right before you build. Be flexible, expect problems and expect that a good builder will work with you to find the solutions.

Finally, be a good listener and don't get discouraged. Envision the final outcome and focus on your goals.


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